Year Roster Format Price Field Ball Duration Max Roster
U9 Jan 1, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015 7v7 $1,350 40x60 4 25 Min Halves 18
U10 Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014 9v9 $1,525 50x80 4 30 Min Halves 18
U11 Jan 1, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013 9v9 $1,525 50x80 4 30 Min Halves 18
U12 Jan 1, 2012 - Dec 31, 2012 9v9 $1,525 50x80 4 30 Min Halves 18


National Invitational Tournament

U9, U10, U11, & U12 Teams

Premier SuperCopa provides the highest level of competition available in the United States for U9 – U12 competitive youth teams.  With nationwide teams being invited, the Premier SuperCopa is providing not only the best competition but the most diverse competition too.  The Premier SuperCopa is an invitation only tournament.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust any format and number of teams.

  • Invited U9 through U12 teams Only

  • 4 game minimum

  • Participation limited to Selection Committee invitation and Qualifying Tournament Champions

  • Every attempt will be made to seed each team against opponents from a different state or a different area to ensure diversity in competition.

  • 1st games played Thursday morning

“The SuperCopa playoff format was great, as we played pretty much 3 one goal games in our preliminary round but would not have advanced (the team the won the SuperCopa came from our group). But due to the format were able to go on and win one of the playoff brackets. And for teams coming a long way it makes it worth the trip.”

— John, Canton Celtics Soccer Club


In attempt to provide the most tournament action and the best competition available, the official SuperCopa Playoff System will be utilized.  This may be different from most events, teams are encouraged to read this in detail.  Please refer to the Tournament Rules for a complete description of all rules.

There will be a 1-4 hour delay after completion of group round games before quarterfinal games are posted as the Tournament Committee verifies all teams’ standings and points.  The Tournament Director will notify all teams via email when playoff rounds are FINAL.


Premier SuperCopa provides playoff opportunities for EVERY participating team. Teams are grouped into the SuperCopa (Gold), Silver, or Bronze (24 team brackets only) bracket AND seeded within that bracket based on their points from the group round.

After the SuperCopa group stage completes for all brackets (first three games), the group winners and highest point wildcards comprise the top 8 teams will make up the SuperCopa (Gold) bracket, the next 8 teams the Silver bracket and the remaining 8 teams the Bronze bracket (24 team brackets only).

The top 8 teams will be determined by the winners of each group/bracket plus additional wild cards will be selected based on the teams with the highest point totals. In the event multiple teams are tied for the wildcard spots then tiebreaker rules will be used. Playoff opponents are chosen by seeding teams based on total points.  Example, if the winner of bracket C has 30 points after their first three games and they have the highest total points among all teams then they will be placed as the 1st seed and will play the 8th seed (one of the wildcard teams). In the event that multiple teams are tied then tiebreaker rules (see Tournament Rules) will apply to determine seeding.

Quarterfinal opponents are defined by the following seeding:

1st vs 8th

2nd vs 7th

3rd vs 6th

4th vs 5th

Once the Quarterfinals are set, the single elimination tournament will play out as scheduled.  There is NO reseeding after the Quarterfinals.

The 8 teams that make up the Silver and Bronze brackets will be determined by total points from the Group Round games, and seeding inside the brackets will be determined by total points as well.

Because variety of competition is a significant element of SuperCopa, the tournament committee reserves the right to adjust seeding by 1 position to avoid teams facing each other in quarter-finals who have already played each other during group rounds.  Seeding adjustments are at the complete discretion of the tournament committee but will not be made to affect which playoff bracket a team has earned a spot in.